Light sleeper
Light Sleeper

Light Sleeper is the result of practice research into human scale, the structural properties of corrugated cardboard, efficient use of space, self-build and the sharing of creative knowledge. Made from inexpensive light weight yet structurally strong corrugated cardboard components Light Sleeper could be considered ideal for humanitarian aid in emergency situations where efficiencies of space, material, transport, cost and time are critical. Personal belongings can be stored within the volume of Light Sleeper.

Light Sleeper is designed to be inexpensive to self-build without the use of construction skills or expensive equipment. When not in use as a bed, Light Sleeper can be efficiently stored as a kit of parts thereby occupying less space.

Overall dimensions are 270mm high x 810mm wide x 1890mm long..

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Print double-sided A3 and fold to A5 to read correctly.